Imaging System - Online, web based, automated workflow for bill payment, electronic file cabinet, searching and reporting with drill-down, from your accounting system.
The Datafaction Web Suite

The Datafaction Web Suite creates a powerful, secure, controlled and flexible solution providing automated workflow for bill payment, electronic file cabinet, searching and reporting. The web suite provides executives with information and approval functionality directly from the easy to use website without logging into the accounting system.


The Imaging system provides the ability to scan invoices, cash receipts, journals or permanent files into a streamlined, secure and searchable database—eliminating tons of paperwork and the headache of misplaced documents. You can link important permanent documents to any image for quick and easy retrieval. Your software will allow authorized personnel to effortlessly search images and produce inquiry results with increased efficiency.

  • Easy to use web based interface
  • Highly secure website which adheres to financial corporate standards
  • Reduce expensive storage requirements
  • Bills may be approved remotely, and Cash Receipt information can be automatically distributed
  • User defined fields/indexes for categorizing documents
  • Extensive, yet simple to use, search options
Online Reporting

The Online Reporting module converts reports run from your accounting system into PDF formatted reports made available on your secure website. This system provides you with review and publishing abilities as well as flexible levels of security and automated archiving capabilities.

Executive Reporting

The Executive Reporting module provides financial reporting run directly from the web suite with drill-down functionality. The reports can be run for one or more clients with client distinction or from a consolidated viewpoint. For further inquiry, drill down on any GL Account balance to see detail accounts, transaction information, or drill down directly to the image associated with the transaction.